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Based in Green Bay, BAYCOM Inc. is a leading provider of mission-critical voice, mobile data and video solutions to public safety and commercial clients throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest. The company, which celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2016, serves the public safety, manufacturing, education, transportation, construction and utility industries. In addition to their Green Bay headquarters, BAYCOM Inc. serves customers through certified service center locations in Fox Crossing, Pewaukee, Portage, Madison and La Crosse, Wisconsin.


CC&N is one of the largest providers of wired and wireless infrastructure in the State of Wisconsin. Since its founding in 1985, CC&N has been committed to giving their customers exceptional craftsmanship, reliable and on-time delivery and highly responsive customer care due to its depth of knowledge in this field. They have locations in Brookfield, Menasha, Eau Claire and Madison, Wisconsin. CC&N strives to simplify connections between people and technology.

CC&N Wireless Network Design and Implementation

The need for secure, fast, reliable and readily available wireless connectivity for video, voice, data, IoT, equipment, tools, and core business applications are driving the wireless network transformation. In the past, wireless network design focused on primarily coverage and number of devices. Things have changed! User demand, due to growth in types of wirelessly connected devices, the emergence of IoT (Internet of Things), and the need to accommodate high performance, high-speed technology applications are driving these rapid changes. Companies are challenged with how to keep-up with standards and staff the right team resources to adapt. Partnering with CC&N helps address those challenges and enables companies to grow into the new wireless and mobile world.

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